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Lassithi region in Crete hosts one of the most ancient olive trees in the world. Last spring we went to visit the monumental tree of Kavousi. This olive tree has been declared by Olive Municipalities of Crete (SEDIK) as “monumental” because of the large dimensions of the body, and because of its location near the ancient settlements “Thunder”, “Castle” and “Azorias” of Late Minoan IIIC to Archaic phase (1350-500 BC) where they found several vases and artifacts from a workshop for pressing olives.

This Olive Tree is located at “Azoria” the road to the village Kavousi Municipality of Ierapetra (coordinates N 35 06.908 and EO 25 51 651 and altitude 252 m). The trunk of the tree has a height of 0,8m above the ground and a maximum diameter (4,95m) and perimeter 14,20.m while the base of the tree has a maximum diameter of 7,10m and 22,10m perimeter.

In 2004 after a proposal by local residents and the Ierapetra municipality it was decided that the first winner of the Women’s Marathon at the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004 was crowned with wreath from this tree.

But this is not the only ancient tree in Lassithi, Porthia’s Olive groves host 10 trees which are over 500 years old and and 20% of our trees are over 100 years old, this is why we believe that the organic extra virgin olive oil is not only an elixir for our health and our palates, but also it is a link to our ancestors and our past. When you buy Porthia Organic extra virgin olive oil you are also supporting the life and produce of these trees.



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